Beata Kasztelan-Szczerbinska graduated from the Medical University of Lublin, Poland, in 1990, where she also obtained her Ph.D. degree in internal medicine. She has received Board certification in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Endoscopy. Kasztelan-Szczerbinska served as an Assistant and presently Associate Professor in the Department of Gastroenterology with the Endoscopy Unit, Medical University of Lublin, Poland, where she sees patients, teaches and conducts research on alcoholic liver disease, liver cirrhosis and inflammatory bowel diseases. She is an active Member of the Polish Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy as well as Polish Society of Liver Diseases.


She published 54 full, peer-reviewed publications and 3 book chapters and presented 82 posters and abstracts at international and/or national meetings.


Dr Kasztelan-Szczerbinska participated as an investigator in several trails concerning chronic liver disease treatment and surveillance, inflammatory bowel disease treatment, Helicobacter pylori infection surveillance, and constipation therapy. Since 2000, she has been participating as an endoscopy expert in the Polish National Colorectal Cancer-Screening Program. Her clinical and research interests include immune and inflammatory alterations during alcoholic liver disease, pathogenesis of chronic liver disease of different etiology, endoscopic procedures in upper and lower GI tract, and results and side effects of anti-TNF alpha treatment of patients with IBD.


Dr Kasztelan-Szczerbinska is a clinical lecturer at the Medical University of Lublin, Poland, and is also engaged in teaching of foreign students (American, European, and Asian program) at II Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Lublin, Poland. In 2010, she created as co-author Educational Program - Practical Gastroenterology, that was accredited by the Polish Society of Gastroenterology.


Dr  Kasztelan-Szczerbinska is a Journal referee and has reviewed manuscripts for Alcohol and Alcoholism, The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, BMJ: British medical journal, Gastroenterology Review, World Journal of Hepatology, World Journal of Radiology, Human and Experimental Toxicology, World Journal of Gastroenterology, PLoS ONE.